Collection and artifacts

Our   collection   is   comprised   of   documents,   photos,   and   artifacts   -   mostly   from   1900   and   earlier   -   of   those   who   lived   in   Springville and   Mapleton,   Utah.   The   Springville   area,   of   which   Mapleton   was   a   part   in   the   beginning,   was   settled   in   1850   by   Mormon Pioneers   and   others   who   joined   them.      Before   that,   Native Americans   resided   here.      In   1920,   women   in   Springville   formed   The Daughters   of   the   Utah   Pioneers   organization.      This   was   created   to   preserve   histories   of   the   pioneers   and   to   collect   relics   that had   belonged   to   them.   Our   collection   has   existed   for   95   years.      If   your   ancestor   settled   in   this   area,   we   may   have   something about them or something similar to what they had or experienced.  
Activities:  museum tours upstairs to learn about times in the past and changes that have happened in the last 165 years in the community of Springville. In the activity room downstairs, the children or anyone interested can make a basket or tipi, dress up as a pioneer, pull the handcart, play a hoop toss game, or do the stick pull.
Springville-Mapleton Pioneer Museum
Exhibits & Activities


Things you can do at our museum.  See our wall photos, photo albums and newspaper clippings of many Springville/Mapleton pioneers.  See the display cases of artifacts of items such as farming and carpentry tools, weapons, personal items, clothing, dishes, decorations, children's dolls, etc.  Come research journals, histories, and scrapbooks of newspapers clippings to learn more about an ancestor or individual.  We have an old fashioned library card catalog, filing cabinets full of pictures and histories and we also have computer access to aid in research.  We have an activity room in the basement for children's games and activities.  We have weaving looms where someone can actually come and learn to weave.  Cub scouts and other youth groups and family groups can make reservations for a time to come.